Monday, April 6, 2009

The stronghold of overeating

Unless a person has dealt with the struggle of overeating for a long period of time then it easy to dismiss the severity of this stronghold. In the natural eating is the most natural and basis thing in the world for us to do. It seems almost silly to think that a person is not able to resist indulging in excess food. Some might think it is ludicrous to relate the temptation of sweets to the same temptation of using drugs. The statics of obesity rates from the Center of Disease Control show the alarmingly high rate of those who are obese and even morbidly obese.

For those of us in line with the statics we have looked at the stronghold of overeating as an invincible force that we can't seem to be free from in our lives. I think part of the problem has been looking at the power and might of overeating VS. the greatness and power of our God. I don't know about other people but there seems to be some kind of internal antsyness that my body and mind goes through at the thought of denial from overeating or eating sweets. It seems to be as soon as the decision is made then to eat right then all inner turmoil breaks loose inside of me. I am still praying and seeking God about exactly what that is about still...

But this I do know and that is that the word says the power of sin is broken in my life. That means despite what I feel, think or even have known in the past the urge and compulsion to overeat is NOT stronger the spirit of God in the inside of me.
The power of addiction can't not withstand the power of God at work in me, through me and for me. In this current Holy Week I have been studying and reading some on the blood of Jesus. And I have TRULY heard from God to add it my arsenal of weapons in my warfare over my food/eating struggles.

It is much needed for all of us to read about the power of the blood and to then cover ourselves, our minds, wills, emotions and appetite under His blood. We need to plead the blood of Jesus Christ against every attack of the enemy with the temptation to overeat.

As I read and study more I will expound more upon what God reveals to me...

Be Blessed, Manie

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  1. Hello,

    I happened upon your post from a Google Alert I set on the phrase, "Plead the blood". Many of the readers of my blog come there from searches on that topic. I thought you might be interested in what God showed me about pleading the blood. I wrote about it in January 2006 and you can find it at:, scroll down near the bottom.
    Be blessed!