Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just say No

When the temptation comes to eat outside of hunger before you DO anything you have to remember to just say No. You have to say NO to your carnal appetite, you have to say NO to your flesh, you have to say NO to the neediness and emptiness of your soul when it seeks pleasure in food. I promise you that when you say NO to all of those things then the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus WILL back you in this.

The Apostle Paul in several of his epistles talks of us having a new life in Christ. It is in this NEW LIFE that we must come to fully realize and act upon our NEW FOUND ability and authority to say NO to our sinful nature.

At first you may find yourself having to say NO over and over but as the opposition from within and against you see that you mean business they will easily and quickly surrender to the yielding of YOUR spirit. Remember that Jesus Christ said it is John 8:31-32 (NLT) that we must remain faithful to His teachings AND then we will know the truth AND the truth will set us free.

I have come to realize that the hardest part is NOT in saying NO once but it is remaining in the truth of our power and ability to keep saying NO that sets us free. That doesn't mean we should stay worried about tomorrow but just know that when tomorrow comes you have what it takes to conquer it just like you did today and you did yesterday. Life and Death is in the power of your tongue. You can take Jesus at His words that you can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it. Your NO all by itself is good but your NO backed up by the name of Jesus is unstoppable.

The enemy may try and tell you that you have tried too long and too hard and you will never be able to overcome this but today you must remind yourself that the devil is a liar and that there is no truth in him. Maybe your mind, will and emotions are not up for the fight but keep feeding to your spirit and your soul will have no choice but to come along for the victorious ride.

You have spent too much time believing and confessing how hard, difficult, impossible and uncomfortable eating right is for you. NOW IS THE TIME to feed your inner man the truth of how possible, easy and very doable THIS is for you.

Be Blessed, Manie

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