Thursday, February 19, 2009

What real healing and deliverance looks like..Pt. 1

Time for a little transparency here with my eating.. I could be eating a lot less and a lot better than I have been the past week or so. I was under the deceptive impression that I could buy discounted Valentine's Day candy and eat it in moderation.
The candy which normally goes for about $4 bucks a bag was only . 50 cents and it seemed like such a good deal. The truth I now know is that what seems like a good monetary price was costing me in terms of my eating and weight. So this morning I threw the rest of it all out. Thank You Jesus.

This morning the Lord was talking to me about deliverance and victory.
Victory and deliverance are not just things you feel or experiences that you have they are FREEDOMS that you own. And when you get them you should no matter no matter how hard or how often you fall.. You are still free.
I really wish this deliverance in my eating would stick instantaneously in my heart but it is taking some faith time to cement it there. I know though that when it does become so my weight loss will manifest and be permanent.

One of the things the Holy Spirit had to show me is that I was trying to be spiritually strong about foods that I know are naturally addictive to my body.
It's an alcoholic saying Lord, help to me to show restraint and have one glass of wine at this social gathering.
I don't know where complete deliverance will take me but for NOW God is making it clear that there are some foods that I can't indulge in at all.
And in understanding freedom and deliverance I am ok with that. It took me a long to to truly say and accept I can NOT eat certain foods and I will still have an amazing life. In fact the freedom and deliverance is in knowing my indulge in those food were keeping me from having my best life possible.

So ask the Holy Spirit to continue to guide us in what walking out real victory looks like. Be Blessed, Manie

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